Chakra balancing for health & harmony

Within each of us lies a hidden energy system: tap into its power and you can keep yourself healthy, happy and in perfect harmony. Eastern religions teach that the human body contains seven spinning spheres of bio-energetic energy, known as chakras, which run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. While scientists insist chakras don’t exist because they cannot be seen under the microscope, clairvoyants claim they can easily “see” the chakras.   The PIP scanner, which takes information from sound and light frequencies in the body, now shows what the mystics have known all along: oscillating spheres of energy in a vertical line down the body.

The chakras are precise monitors of our physical and mental well-being. Each is said to spin at a different frequency and when each chakra spins at its perfect frequency the systems of the body radiate perfect health; emotions are centred and balanced and we enjoy optimum health and a deep sense of peace. It’s a little like tuning into a radio station: if you’re on the wrong frequency the sound is distorted and unpleasant; once you hit the right frequency it becomes clear as a bell. However with all the stresses and strains of modern life it is easy for the chakras to fall out of frequency. When this happens we either fall prey to illnesses, feel under par, or we lose our emotional equilibrium.

Learning to “read” your chakras is actually very simple. Each chakra governs specific parts of the body and specific emotions: there are clear signs to tell whether that chakra is balanced or whether you have too much or too little energy in that chakra. Soothing the chakras is the most subtle yet powerful form of preventative medicine you could practice.

In my book The Energy Secret I give a run-through of each chakra and how you can tell if it’s balanced or out of sync.  There are also a few suggestions on how to help bring the chakras into balance.  Some of them sound suspiciously simple – and they are!

The Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine; the colour associated with it is red. This chakra is all about the material world, our physical structure and our social position in life.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced base chakra brings good health and high levels of energy. You have a sense of ease and relaxation in your body and feel safe and protected in the world. You should have a secure position in the world and be materially comfortable, with enough money and possessions to enjoy a contented life.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: You may feel disconnected from your body, you may possibly be underweight. You have a lack of focus and discipline and are very disorganized. You’re fearful, anxious, restless – you can’t settle. You may have money worries.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You may well be overweight through overeating. You have a tendency to hoard and be greedy. Energy levels are low and you often feel sluggish and lazy. You are scared of change and crave security.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Disorders of the bowel and intestines; problems with bones and teeth; eating disorders; problems with legs, feet, knees, base of spine and buttocks.
HOW TO HEAL THE BASE CHAKRA: You need to reconnect with your body. Start by doing as much physical exercise as possible – choose a sport or activity you enjoy (maybe dance, aerobics, running, swimming). Try massage – find a professional aromatherapist or bodyworker – or ask a friend or partner to give you massage. Yoga would be excellent as it heals and balances all the chakras. Gardening and pottery are good grounding exercises if you have a deficiency of base chakra. On a psychological level look at your early relationship with your mother: talk to her about it if you can – if it’s painful, talk to a trained therapist or counselor.

The second chakra is located between the lower abdomen and the navel. Its colour is orange. It deals with issues of sensuality and sexuality, of partnership and relationships.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced sacral chakra gives grace to your movements. You are kind to yourself and to others. Your emotions are balanced and you can enjoy pleasure without guilt.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: Too little energy in this chakra may cause rigidity in the body and mind. There can be a fear of change and a denial of pleasure – also poor social skills. You have a general lack of desire, passion and excitement in life. You may lack interest in sex.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You may well be addicted to pleasure and sex. You might be ruled by excessive emotions, swinging wildly between moods, having endless crises. Emotionally you are over-sensitive and over-dependent on others.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems; menstrual problems; lack of flexibility in the lower back and knees; sexual dysfunction; loss of appetite.
HOW TO HEAL THE SACRAL CHAKRA: Learn to trust and enjoy your senses – feel the textures around you; listen to new music and sounds; look at nature and at art; taste different foods and drinks. Dance can help to liberate this chakra – so can bodywork. Gently try to get in touch with your emotions (with professional help if necessary) to release any old feelings of hurt, anger and guilt.

The third chakra is found around the solar plexus area. Its colour is yellow. This chakra deals with issues of self-esteem, energy, will, confidence and inner power.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced solar plexus chakra makes for a very sunny disposition. You have plenty of self-esteem and a sense of warmth and confidence; a good sense of humor and the ability to be spontaneous and playful. You can meet challenges and are responsible and reliable. You have a sense of your own worth and power but can be disciplined when necessary.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: Too little energy in this chakra can result in lack of physical and emotional energy, poor self-discipline and low self-esteem. You could be unreliable and overly passive, easily manipulated and a “victim”, always blaming others.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You may well be aggressive and domineering, manipulative, deceitful and controlling. You have to have the last word and are prone to temper tantrums and outbursts. You have driving ambition, are very competitive and arrogant and exceedingly stubborn.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Digestive disorders and eating disorders, ulcers, muscular problems, chronic fatigue, hypertension, problems with the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver, diabetes and hypoglycemia. Disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems; menstrual problems; lack of flexibility in the lower back and knees; sexual dysfunction; loss of appetite.
HOW TO HEAL THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: If you have a deficiency you must learn how to take risks. You need grounding and emotional warmth. If you have excess of this chakra look at stress management techniques (meditation, autogenic training etc) and deep relaxation. Anyone with problems in this chakra would benefit from doing sit-ups, crunches or plank to strengthen that area. Martial arts such as Judo or Tai Chi would be excellent. Psychotherapy can help you build up the necessary strength to release or contain anger and strengthen your sense of autonomy.

The fourth chakra is based in the heart and chest. Its colour is green and it deals with issues of love, intimacy, balance and relationships.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced heart chakra makes you compassionate and loving, empathetic and altruistic, peaceful and balanced.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: Too little energy in this chakra can make you antisocial and withdrawn, critical and judgmental of others or yourself. It can cause depression, loneliness and a fear of relationships.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You may well be demanding and clinging, jealous and dependent; overly self-sacrificing.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Disorders of the heart, lungs, breasts and arms. Shortness of breath and asthma. Circulation problems, immune system deficiency and tension between shoulder blades. Pains in the chest.
HOW TO HEAL THE HEART CHAKRA: Breathing exercises will help all those with problems in the heart chakra – join a yoga or qi gong class which teaches breathing. Start a journal – writing down all your feelings and thoughts honestly. Look at your relationships and try to free yourself from suppressed grief and loss (with professional help if necessary). Start to accept yourself – just as you are.

The fifth chakra is located in the throat. Its colour is blue and it deals with issues of communication and creativity.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced throat chakra shows in a resonant voice and clear communication. You should have a great sense of timing and rhythm, be a good listener and have plenty of creativity in your life.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: If you have difficulty putting your feelings into words, if you are scared of speaking out, you may be deficient in this chakra. You could be introverted and shy. Anyone who feels they are tone deaf or completely lacking rhythm should look at this chakra.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You talk too much and can’t listen. You gossip and interrupt and are known for your loud, intrusive voice.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck. Tightness of the jaw.
HOW TO HEAL THE THROAT CHAKRA: If your throat chakra is deficient you need to use your voice: singing, chanting, humming, shouting – anything to release the voice. Sound therapy or voicework would be wonderful. If you have excessive energy here, practice the art of silence and concentrate on what the other person is saying. All problems in this chakra would benefit from bodywork or massage to release tension in the neck and shoulders – or try Alexander Technique or Pilates. Write your thoughts and unspoken feelings in a journal; write letters (they don’t have to be sent).

The sixth chakra is based in the forehead. Its colour is indigo and it deals with imagination, intuition, dreams and insights.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced brow chakra makes you intuitive and perceptive, with a good memory and imagination. You can easily remember your dreams and find it simple to visualize.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: Poor memory, vision and lack of imagination indicate a deficient brow chakra. You find it hard to remember dreams and can’t envisage the future. You may be rigid in your thoughts, thinking there is only one way to do something.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You live too much in your dreams and imagination – you have difficulty concentrating and have frequent nightmares. You may be obsessive and even suffer delusions.
PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF IMBALANCE: Headaches, poor eyesight or problems with vision.
HOW TO HEAL THE BROW CHAKRA: Try painting and drawing – use whatever materials and colors you like and paint whatever comes to mind (it doesn’t have to be artistic). Look at your painting and see what emotions emerge. Start to write down and work with your dreams. Try meditation, mindfulness or autogenic training. Guided visualizations can be useful – so can hypnotherapy (but only with a qualified expert).

The seventh chakra is found in the cerebral cortex in the brain. Its colour is violet and it rules understanding and our connection with God and the divine.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS BALANCED: A well balanced crown chakra will allow you to be open-minded, intelligent, thoughtful and wise. You can analyze and assimilate information easily. You have broad understanding and will generally have a sense of spiritual connection.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS DEFICIENT: You are cynical and tend to ridicule spirituality. Your belief systems are very rigid. You may be apathetic. You could be greedy and materialistic, trying to dominate others.
WHEN ITS ENERGY IS EXCESSIVE: You are too intellectual and live in your head. You have lost touch with your body and may be excessively spiritual and confused.
HOW TO HEAL THE CROWN CHAKRA: Meditation could be very useful for you. Be open to new ideas and new information – don’t dismiss things until you’ve tried them. Examine your attitudes to spirituality and religion. If you have an excess of crown chakra energy you need to connect with your body and the earth – try physical exercise, massage, gardening. If you have a deficiency, open yourself to the idea of spirituality, allow yourself to drop your cynicism and have an open mind.


The Energy Secret – Practical Techniques for Understanding and Directing Vital Energy


Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

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