What does your hall say about your personality?

Colour therapist Marie Louise Lacy, author of The Power of Colour to Heal the Environment (Rainbow Bridge) says that you can tell a lot about your personality – and those of your friends – by the colours you choose in your home. The tone you choose to decorate your hall, the face you present to the outside world, is particularly important. Check your entrance hall and see what it says about you:

• YELLOW: You have plenty of ideas and a wide field of interests. Academic or intellectual people would probably choose a distinctive shade of yellow as this is associated with the intellect, ideas and a searching mind.
• GREEN: A warm, apple green indicates a home in which children, family and pets are held in high importance. Those who love green also tend to hoard possessions and never throw anything away.
• PINK: A warm pink entrance hall indicates a home which is warm and loving. You probably like to care for others, but can sometimes be possessive, especially with their family.
• BLUE: You probably have strong opinions – there could be a tendency to appear aloof, as you can be absorbed too much in your own world. People who choose blue are often loners but kind and thoughtful, independent and usually self-sufficient.
• RED: This indicates a person who likes to be noticed. Often a pioneer, you are very restless if you do not channel their energies into something constructive. Red people are usually very active, always on the go.
• CREAM OR NEUTRAL COLOURS: Cream, magnolia and white are used as “safe” colours – there is nothing wrong with them but they are very neutral tones with very little energy. Marie Louise Lacy suggests trying to introduce colour – maybe at first just with a picture or ornament, or choose a colourful curtain.

Hmm, mine is yellow.  I nearly always pick yellow as my colour of choice for hallways, entrances and the corridors or passageways of a house.  A searching mind?  Well, I’m always searching.

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