Moon magic

Moon magic is an age-old wisdom. Our ancestors watched the moon and learned through trial and error that our nearest planet had a distinct effect on their lives. In the olden days, everything was planted and harvested according to the lunar calendar. Certainly this was the case in my mother’s garden. She used Gwydion’s Guide (Pan-Dimension), a moon-planting manual which tells you exactly when to plant each and every crop. She was also a firm believer in Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic farming methods – all biodynamically produced crops are grown according to the moon phases.
“The moon is our primordial clock,” explains Dr Anthony Stevens, psychiatrist and author of Ariadne’s Clue (Penguin). “It governs tides, rains, floods and the menstrual cycle. It is commonly identified with the Mother archetype, the Queen of Heaven. The waxing and waning of the moon links us inevitably with the archetypal notions of death, rebirth and eternity.”

It’s easy to see how our ancestors came to worship the moon as a goddess – each shifting moon phase seemed to represent a different stage of life. The new and waxing moon was the slim Maiden, surging with youthful energy and promise; the full moon was the Mother, ripe with new life and the waning moon was the bent Crone, full of wisdom and knowledge. Now, once again and at long last, we’re discovering a new connection with our planet and with the wider universe. We are starting, once again, to feel a yearning to follow the rhythms of nature.  Whether you live out in the depths of the country or in the heart of the city, the one rhythm we can all see and follow is that of the moon.

Start to bring your life in tune with the moon by following these simple rules. You will need to know what phase the moon is in. If you can see the moon, so much the better: if it curves to the right like a letter D, it is waxing. If it curves to the left, like a letter C, it is waning. If you can’t see the moon to check most good diaries have moon phases marked on them.
• The waning moon is ideal for detoxification. Things leave the body easily so it’s a good time for cleansing diets, for losing weight, attacking cellulite and having your hair cut or your legs waxed (you won’t get red and sore). The waning moon is also the best time, generally speaking, for operations. Wounds do not bleed so profusely and healing is swifter. Scars are less obvious. Go to the dentist – plaque is more easily removed; crowns and bridges will last longer; extractions will be smoother and less painful.
• The new moon is the perfect day to fast. It’s also a great time to give up bad habits, such as smoking or drinking coffee – withdrawal symptoms will be much less than at other times.  This is the ideal time for any new venture: be it starting or ending a relationship; beginning a new job; launching a business or christening a baby. It’s a time of fresh new beginnings.
• As the moon waxes, it’s time to strengthen your body. The body absorbs everything you put into it or on it – so ease up on heavy, indigestible food or sweet, fatty foods. It’s a good time to take vitamin and mineral supplements – your body will absorb them far more effectively.
• At full moon it’s time to give your body a nourishing treat: moisturisers will be more effective now, as will any body oils. This is the time to indulge in aromatherapy massage or healing herbal soaks. Try not to have vaccinations or operations around this time. Also avoid any situations where you could have confrontations. Tempers can flare and emotions run high.

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash