Psychic Protection – energetic ways to keep your self and your home safe

Why is it that some people fill us with joy and energy while others leave us feeling totally drained? How come we walk into one building and feel a sense of calm and peace while another will have us looking over our shoulders, feeling edgy and ill at ease?

“To one degree or another, everyone is sensitive to the atmosphere of places, objects and people,” says William Bloom, an expert in the art of psychic protection.  “We like particular houses because they feel good and avoid others because they feel bad. Even the most cynical of people may enter a meeting or a bar and sense immediately whether the environment is hostile or friendly.”

There is nothing sinister or mystical about this – we are just picking up on the kind of energy being generated by that person or place. A person who is angry will send out quite different energy patterns than someone who is feeling calm and happy. Equally places will retain energy vibrations long after people have left. Psychic protection allows us a way of controlling these energies – or at least controlling the way we react to them.

The term “psychic protection” is rather off-putting. It raises images of Dennis Wheatley-style black magicians and magic circles – all guttering candles and arcane symbols. But William Bloom, who has been teaching the technique for thirty years, insists that psychic protection is actually a very down-to-earth tool which we should all learn. “Whatever you do – whether parent or plumber, computer operator or teacher – you will want to know practical strategies for creatively changing atmospheres,” he says. Psychic protection teaches simple techniques to prevent you from being thrown off centre by people, situations and places. It also gives you the power to change the atmosphere around you so that you can always deliver your very best.

It’s nothing new, says Bloom: “In the past, many societies had specialists – shamans, medicine people, and so on – who understood and practised the art of changing atmospheres and creating psychic protection.” However he is convinced that everyone can practice these techniques – you don’t need any psychic ability or sensitivity. “They are very natural, like swimming or reading a bicycle,” he promises. And once you’ve learned them, you can use them in a variety of situations – from walking into a difficult business meeting to walking home at night down a dark street; from handling a row with the kids to coping with road rage.

In his book Psychic Protection: Creating Positive Energies for People and Places Bloom suggests techniques that can be used in all kinds of everyday situations. You may find them useful when you know you are going into a difficult situation – whether it’s handling difficult people at work or simply battling through the rush-hour on public transport.

The Bubble of Protection: This is the most well-known strategy to protect yourself. Use it whenever you feel under threat or uncomfortable. Breathe easily and deeply. Imagine you are surrounded by a transparent protective bubble or egg which protects you from negative vibrations. Spend a while sensing this bubble all around you – over your head, under your feet, completely surrounding your back. Sense that your own vibrations can exit through the membrane of the bubble and that good energies can come in however have a clear sense than no unpleasant external energies can penetrate your protection.
You may want to try filling the bubble with different colours – see how each colour feels. You could also fill your bubble with protective images – many people use a religious symbol which is meaningful; others write slogans such as “Please keep out!” Experiment and over time you will find out what works best for you. Practice building your bubble for a few minutes every day so you can easily use it when needed.

The Shield: Imagine you have one or several shields. They are usually visualised as circular but can vary from a few inches wide to several feet in diameter. You then place the shield over any part of your body you feel is vulnerable. If you are dealing with someone’s spiky emotions, try putting the shield over your solar plexus area. If someone is thinking too intensely, place the shield in front of your eyes and forehead. If someone’s intent is obviously sexual, put the shield over your breasts and pubic area. You can imagine the shields decorated in any way you wish – again, perhaps with words or symbols.

The Flame: If you want to add some dynamism and confidence to your protection, try this. Imagine yourself to be a vibrant burning flame. The base of the flame is deep in the earth and your body is the core (like the candle-wick) of the fire. Your dynamism and glow simply cannot allow bad vibrations to get through to you – bad thoughts and feelings burn up and melt as they come into your radiance. Classically the flame used is violet and golden but you can experiment to see which colour suits you best.

The Cloak: Envelop yourself in a wonderfully magic cloak. It may be simple or multi-coloured and elaborate. Feel its protection. Draw it around you.

The Lead Curtain: This technique is very useful for people living together who sometimes need to feel a sense of space around them. It can be particularly helpful if you share a double bed and feel your partner’s energy is interfering with yours. Simply build up a sense of a curtain hanging between you and the other person. Make sure it goes into the floor and up to the ceiling. Then begin to sense that it is made of lead. Breathe deeply and, on the out breath, feel the warmth and moisture of your breath helping to make the curtain more dense and real. Your own vibrations and your partner’s will then bounce off it.

Protecting your Home: Sit quietly, feel grounded and breathe deeply. Slowly begin to sense that your home is in a bubble of protection – a larger version of your own personal bubble. Breathe your own energy into the bubble. Sense the bubble not allowing in any disturbing vibrations. Colour the bubble if you like. Decorate it, if you want. Experiment with what feels right. If there are any symbols you particularly like, you can imagine them being placed over or on your doors and windows. However, as William Bloom points out, don’t forget to ensure more physical protections like locks and alarms are also in place as backup!

Building Confidence
Psychic protection is just about defence – it can be pro-active too. This exercise is aimed at increasing your levels of confidence and self-esteem. William Bloom says it vitalises and strengthens the nervous system so you feel physically strong and confident.

  1. First make sure you are feeling calm and centred. Breathe deeply and regularly. This exercise is best done standing or sitting in an upright chair. Keep your spine straight if you are sitting. If you are standing, have your feet directly under your shoulders, facing forwards. Bend your knees slightly, keep your shoulders relaxed and your spine erect.
  2. Now let your mind connect deep into the earth. Become aware of the fire and molten metal and heat – feel this fiery energy coming up from the earth into the soles of your feet, up your legs and into your spine and up your back. Let it settle somewhere between your lower back and shoulder blades. Feel its warmth and radiance.
  3. Now lift your awareness and focus on the area a few inches above your head. You may feel a gentle popping sensation in your skull or some tension around your face and forehead; don’t worry – this is normal. Now lift your focus even higher up into the sky and connect with a star high above you. This can be any star or it can be a star you already know. Be aware that this star is also a great sun in its own right, radiant and very powerful. Gently draw its energy down into you through the top of your skull and then down your spine.
  4. Bring the star energy down so it meets the rising energy of the earth. Where they meet they dance, spin and fuse, creating a warm radiance. Direct this warm radiance so it sits in your lower stomach.
  5. Now let your awareness go out horizontally and connect with the great warmth and light of the sun. Be aware that there is an inner life to the sun with huge force and fire at its core and essence. Gently draw this fiery essence horizontally into your stomach and chest.
  6. The sun energy now meets the energies of the earth and the star. Let them fuse comfortably and warmly. Let them sit glowing in your lower belly.
  7. Now begin to circulate this energy through your body – up your spine and head and then down your face, chest and stomach. Let it circulate in spirals in and around you. Imagine it going through your blood circulation, through your nerves, through your muscles and tendons, bones and marrow.
  8. Keep your breathing gentle and rhythmic as you imagine yourself absorbing all the nourishment. Repeat to yourself “I am strong and confident”

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The Energy Secret by Jane Alexander


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  1. Jane – spookily the next post I am due to write is about the cleansing of my house! I had a dowser do this during February – the place was a basket case of negative energies generated from psychic influences and geopathic stress which had been slowly draining my energies over the last 12 years. I will share this post and look at your book when I’ve told my own tale. I have long been passionate about energies and energy medicine in all its forms and have just started using a pendulum and am exploring psychic protection myself as both me and my eldest daughters are spirit carriers. It is totally fascinating and absorbing – though I know many will view me as a basket case too. That’s their loss.

  2. Fascinating, Carah – will you link to your post here once it’s up? I had a similar case when we moved to The Old Rectory – wrote about it in my book Spirit of the Home. It was ‘cured’ by a thorough space cleansing by Sarah Shurety. I had been hugely sceptical but, what can I say? It worked. You might also find Soul Rescuers a good book to read – quite quite fascinating. By Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan. xx

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